Nelly's Pedigree and Pictures.
01062155 RED ROAN O 2016
Sire Side of PedigreePEPPY SAN BADGER
Q3097910 RED ROAN 1992 H-0  P-41 ROM CUT
1995 NCHA Open Futurity Ch.     NCHA Hall of Fame
1996 NCHA Open Super Stakes; 4th        NCHA COA, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum LTE: $172,711
1996 Bonanza 4-Year-Old Open Derby Ch.        NCHA Open Res. W. Ch.
1996 Gold Coast Open Derby Ch. NCHA Futurity, '77 1st O Futurity
1996 NCHAOpen Derby; Finalist  NCHA Finals, '80 3rd O Finals; '81 1st O Finals
Augusta 4-Year-Old Open Futurity; Finalist       NCHA Derby, '78 1st O Derby
NCHA COA LTE: $165,308Sire of: 24 SUPs, 167 ROMs,
Total LTE: $180,48710 W. Ch.,  15 Res. W. Ch.,
Sire of: 14 SUPs, 59 ROMs,2 NCHA Hall of Fame,
3 Res. W. Ch. & 3 Res. W. Championships,       NRHA Offspring LTE $395,858
Amateur: 18 ROMs  NRCHA Offspring LTE $117,347
1 Res. W. Ch. & 1 Res. W. Championships,       NCHA Offspring LTE $23,912,655
AQHA World Show LTE: $125,290
NRHA Offspring LTE: $ 211,122
NRCHA Offspring LTE: $880,189
NCHA Offspring LTE: $17,892,831        ROYAL BLUE BOON
YELLOW ROAN OF TEXAS    USTPA Offspring LTE: $2,335       Q2976811 RED ROAN
Q3561701 PALOMINO 1997        RHAA Offspring LTE: $2,294         H-0 P-22
NCHA COA LTE: $73,010NCHA Horse of the Year LITTLE PEPTO GAL   NCHA Futurity, 8th
Sire of: 5 SUPs, 15 ROMs,APHA: 3 ROMs        NCHA Derby,  split 3rd
Amateur: 6 ROMs  1 Res. W. Ch. Cutting          NCHA Super Stakes Co-Res. Ch.,
1 Hi-Point Wins & 1 Winner       Amateur: 3 ROMs     NCHA COA LTE: $224,685
Youth: 1 ROM       1 Res. W. Ch. Cutting          Dam of: NCHA Offspring LTE $2,628,000+
2 Hi-Point Wins & 1 Winner       Equi-Stat #1 All-Time Leading Cutting Producer ('95-'07)
AQHA Offspring LTE: $15,697
NRHA Offspring LTE: $19,983       
NRCHA Offspring LTE: $69,567  DOC BAR 1956
NCHA Offspring LTE: $271,007   Q0076136 CHESTNUT
APHA: 1 Res. W. Ch. Cutting      75 4 0 0 1 $95
Q0942226 PALOMINO        AQHA Hall Of Fame
H-0 P-71      Sire of: 31 AQHA Ch.,
1977 W. Show Open Jr Cutting; 9th        39 SUPs, 132 ROMs,
NCHA LTE: $25,339 2 W. Ch.,  4 Res. W. Ch.,
1977 NCHA Open Derby Res. Ch.         8 NCHA, 1 AQHA, & 1 Cow Horse Hall of Fame
Dam of: 1 SUP, 1 ROM      Race Offspring LTE $1,098
1 Res. W. Ch., & 1 Res. W. Championship        NCHA Offspring LTE $3,213,453
Amateur: 1 ROM
AQHA Offspring LTE: $2,462     STEADY DATE
NRHA Offspring LTE: $4,528      Q0171121 DUN
NRCHA Offspring LTE: $340      H-40 P-2
NCHA Offspring LTE: $303,385   Dam of: 1 SUP, 2 ROMs
Youth: P Points Earners
NCHA Offspring LTE: $101,207

Dam Side of Pedigree         GENUINE DOC
Q1295706 SORREL 1977
H-0 P-55 SUP & ROM Cuttining
Res. W. Ch. Sr Cutting
NCHA Non-Pro Super Stakes Ch.
NCHA COA LTE: $23,922
Sire of: 1 AQHA Ch.,
57 SUPs, 87 ROMs
4 W. & 5 Res. W. Championships,
4 W. Ch., & 4 Res. W. Ch.,
Amateur: 35 SUPs, 39 ROMs
3 W. & 7 Res. W. Championships,
2 W. Ch., & 3 Res. W. Ch.,
Youth: 8 ROMs
AQHA IF LTE: $336,182
AQHA World Show LTE: $106,182
NRHA Offspring LTE: $216,233
GENUINE PEPPY   NRCHA Offspring LTE: $13,956
Q1584847 SORREL 1980     NCHA Offspring LTE: $1,242,379
H-0 P-46 ROM Cutting       USTPA Offspring LTE: $1,192
1984 AQHA W. Show Jr Cutting; 5th     RHAA Offspring LTE: $2,809
Canadian Supreme Hall of Fame  APHA: 13 SUPs, 15 ROMs
1989 CCHA Open Res. Ch. 1 W. Ch., & 4 Res. W. Ch.
1990 CCHA Open Ch.        Amateur: 4 SUPs, 9 ROMs
NCHA  COA, Bronze LTE: $29,868        1 W. Ch.
Sire of: Open, Amateur, & Youth PEP'S HOLLY
P Points Earners      Q0742125 SORREL
NRHA Offspring LTE: $2,038      NCHA LTE: $6,367
NRCHA Offspring LTE: $7,611    1974 NCHA Open Futurity; Finalist
NCHA Offspring LTE: $272,664   Dam of: 2 ROMs,
3X Canadian Super Stakes Non Pro Sire Award  4th AQHA W. Show Jr Cutting
JEEPERS SASSY DOLL   3X Canadian Super Stakes Sire Award    NCHA , NRCHA, & NRHA
00407221 SORREL S 1996           Open & Non-Pro Futurity Finalists
Unshown due to fetlock injury as a young horse NCHA Offspring LTE $110,515
FULL sibling to 4 COA's    APHA: 1 SUP, 1 ROM Cutting
NCHA LTE: $103,929         2X Nat. & 1X Res. Nat. Ch. Cutting
Canadian Supreme Futurity Ch.
NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro; 3rd DOLLY GUN MR GUN SMOKE
Dam of:       00077006 SORREL S 1980   Q0157943 SORREL
NCHA Offspring LTE: $1,840      Unshown due to injury prior to training  H-0 P-71 SUP & ROM Cutting
        Canadian Supreme Hall of Fame          NRCHA & NRHA Hall of Fame
        Dam of: NCHA Offspring LTE: $103,929NCHA  COA LTE: $8,476
1991 Canadian Supreme Futurity Ch.     Sire of: 1 AQHA Ch.,
CHBofC 4yr Old Open & Non-Pro Stakes Ch.   5 SUPs, 49 ROMs,
Georgia Nationals Non-Pro Classic Ch. & Open Finalist   3 Res. W. Ch.
Columbus Spectacular Non-Pro Classic Ch.       1 APHA Ch.,
Augusta, SC Open Derby Res. Ch.3 SUPs,  16 ROMs, &
Canada Extravaganza Open Futuity Ch. 1 Nat. Ch., 1 W. Ch., & 4 Res. W. Ch.
Canadian RCHA Open Futurity Ch.       Amateur: 3 ROMs, & 1 Res. W. Ch.
Canadian Open Cutting Futurity; split 4th        2 NRHA Hall of Fame,
CHBofC 4yr Old Open Stakes; 7th1 NRCHA Hall of Fame,
Canadian Supreme Open Cutting Derby; split 4th  NRHA Offspring LTE: $79,456
Spring Spectacular Open Challenge; 4th  NCHA Offspring LTE $840,602
Canadian Open Cutting Maturity; 5th     WCH Offspring LTE $1,674
Alberta 4yr Old Open Stakes; 7th
Canadian Super Stakes Non-Pro Res. Ch. & Open Finalist     DANDY DOLL REQUEST
Alberta RCHA Open Futurity Co-Res. Ch.Q1184483 SORREL 1976
Canadian Supreme RCHA Derby Open Hackamore Res. Ch.    Unshown & Offspring Unshown

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