Frisco's Pedigree and Pictures.
Sire Side of PedigreePEPPY SAN BADGER
Q3097910 RED ROAN 1992H-0  P-41 ROM CUT
1995 NCHA Open Futurity Ch.    NCHA Hall of Fame
1996 NCHA Open Super Stakes; 4th       NCHA  COA, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum LTE: $172,711
1996 Bonanza 4-Year-Old Open Derby Ch.  NCHA Open Res. W. Ch.
1996 Gold Coast Open Derby Ch. NCHA Futurity, '77 1st O Futurity
1996 NCHAOpen Derby; Finalist  NCHA Finals, '80 3rd O Finals; '81 1st O Finals
Augusta 4-Year-Old Open Futurity; Finalist  NCHA Derby, '78 1st O Derby
NCHA COA LTE: $165,308          Sire of: 24 SUPs, 167 ROMs,
Total LTE: $180,48710 W. Ch.,  15 Res. W. Ch.,
Sire of: 14 SUPs, 59 ROMs,2 NCHA Hall of Fame,
3 Res. W. Ch. & 3 Res. W. Championships,  NRHA Offspring LTE $395,858
Amateur: 18 ROMs        NRCHA Offspring LTE $117,347
HES A PEPTOSPOONFUL        1 Res. W. Ch. & 1 Res. W. Championships,   NCHA Offspring LTE $23,912,655
Q3768647 RED ROAN 1998AQHA World Show LTE: $125,290        ROYAL BLUE BOON
2006 Leading NCHA Freshman Sire  NRHA Offspring LTE: $ 211,122      Q2976811 RED ROAN
NCHA COA LTE: $72,851NRCHA Offspring LTE: $880,189H-0 P-22
Sire of: 3 SUPs,  30 ROMs,NCHA Offspring LTE: $17,892,831NCHA Futurity, 8th
2 Res. W. Ch. & 3 Res. W. Championships, USTPA Offspring LTE: $2,335 NCHA Derby,  split 3rd
Amateur: 1 SUP, 26 ROMsRHAA Offspring LTE: $2,294      NCHA Super Stakes Co-Res. Ch.,
3 W. Ch. & 3 W. Championships, NCHA Horse of the Year   NCHA COA LTE: $224,685
Youth: 3 ROMs       Dam of: NCHA Offspring LTE $2,628,000+
1 W. Ch. & 1 W. Championships,Equi-Stat #1 All-Time Leading Cutting Producer ('95-'07)
AQHA World Show LTE: $76,858
NRHA Offspring LTE: $66,906   SMART LITTLE LENA
NRCHA Offspring LTE $353,942Q1565822 SORREL
NCHA Offspring LTE: $5,838,425         NCHA Hall of Fame
         NCHA COA LTE: $577,652
1st NCHA Triple Crown Winner
HES A BLUE PEPTO      Sire of: 30 SUPs, 157 ROMs,
Q5031647 BLUE ROAN 2007       19 W. Ch.,  15 Res. W. Ch.,
H-0 P-7        1 NRHA Hall of Fame
2013 Regional Experience (Region2) Ranch Sorting Ch.MISS SMARTY REY       NRHA Offspring LTE: $622,576
2013 Regional Experience (Region2) Sr. Reining; 10th  Q2760290 SORREL 1988    NRCHA Offspring LTE $622,576
2013 Regional Experience (Region2) Sr. WCH; 4th       H-0 P-5        NCHA Offspring LTE: $26,565,935
2014 Regional Experience (Region2) Sr. Reining; 8th    NCHA COA LTE: $40,997 APHA: 1 SUP, 6 ROMs,
2014 Regional Experience (Region2) Sr. WCH; 6th       Dam of: 1 ROM      2 W. & 5 Res. W. Ch. Cutting
NRHA LTE: $48     AQHA Offspring LTE: $3,967    Amateur: 1 ROM,
NRCHA LTE: $1,200         NCHA Offspring LTE:  $202,920REY JAY JANIE
NCHA LTE: $69     Q1879926 SORREL
2015 Central Montana RCA Res. Ch. Open Bridel       NCHA $1,200
2015 Central Montana RCA Ch. Ltd. Open Bridel
2015 NRCHA Ltd. Open Bridal; Top 20 SON OFA DOC
Offspring unshown to dateQ1106780 SORREL
H-0 P-41
BOB ACRE DOC   NCHA COA, Bronze, LTE: $18,786
Q1956113 CHESTNUT       1982 Open Reserve W. Ch. Sr.Cutting Horse,
H-0 P-22       7th- AQHA W. Show Jr. Cutting Horse (1979 Open),
NCHA Hall of Fame,        Sire of: 2 NCHA Hall Of Fame Inductees
NCHA W. Ch. (1991 Open);        14 SUPs,  75 ROMs,
1994 W. Ch. Non-Pro (1994-Open);        1 W. Ch., 6 Res. W. Ch., &
NCHA Res. W. Ch. (1987-Open), 3 High Point Wins
NCHA Finals Champion (87 & 91 Open);  AQHA Offspring LTE: $3,483
Non-Pro Classic Champion (86 Open);       NSBA Offspring LTE: $1,938
AQHA Res. W. Ch. Sr. Cutting (90-Open), NRHA Offspring LTE: $18,626
4th-1985 AQHA W. Show Jr Cutting;     NCHA Offspring LTE:  $5,320,155
Sire of: 4 SUPs,  39 ROMs,NRCHA Offspring LTE: $387
BLACK ACRE DOC 2001 4 W. Ch., 1 Res. W. Ch., &SAPP'S SANDY
Q4200549 BLACK   AQHA Offspring LTE: $43,506    Q0298939 SORREL
Unshown      NRHA Offspring LTE: $50,392    Unshown
Dam of: Performance Points Earners  NCHA Offspring LTE:  $9,032,803   Dam of: AQHA Offspring LTE: $ 1,724
NRHA Offspring LTE: $48          NRCHA Offspring LTE: $15,337NCHA Hall of Fame,
NRCHA LTE: $1,200         WCHA Offspring LTE: $15,978  NCHA Offspring LTE:  $418,926
2015 C. MT RCA Res. Ch. Open Bridel  USTPA Offspring LTE: $1,515    NCHA W. Ch. (1991 Open);
2015 C. MT RCA Ch. Ltd. Open Bridel           1994 W. Ch. Non-Pro (1994-Open);
2015 NRCHA Ltd. Open Bridal; Top 20 NCHA Res. W. Ch. (1987-Open),
Full sister to BOB ACRE OAK   NCHA Finals Champion (1987 and 1991 Open);
NCHA LTE: $114,880, NCHA Non-Pro Futurity; 3rd  Non-Pro Classic Champion (1986 Open);
Half sister to THE PIDGE
NCHA LTE: $22,920,  AQHA W. Show Amateur Cutting; 3rd         DOC'S OAK 1973
UNO DESPERADO NCHA LTE: $13,525         Q0919614 BAY
NCHA Hall of Fame
NCHA COA, Bronze, Silver, Platinum LTE: $70,998
NCHA Futurity- '76 4th Open Futurity,
PAM OAK 1986      NCHA Finals- '78 3rd Open Finals
Q2477751 BAY        Sire of: 5 SUPs, 70 ROMs,
Unshown      3 W. Ch.,  4 Res. W. Ch.,
Dam of: 1 ROM      1 NRCHA Hall of Fame
Amateur: 1 ROM     NRHA Offspring LTE: $149,839
1993 NCHA Open No Pro Cuttng Futurity; 3rdNRCHA Offspring LTE $47,517
AQHA Offspring LTE: $ 1,319   NCHA Offspring LTE: $8,352,674
NRHA Offspring LTE: $486       APHA: 1 Open & Amateur ROM CUT
NCHA Offspring LTE:  $166,998PRETTY PAM PARKER
Q0298939 SORREL
H-12 P-0
Youth H-3 P-0
Dam of:
NCHA Offspring LTE:  $100,495

Dam Side of Pedigree        DOC O'LENA
Q0493297 BAY
Q1565822 SORREL  AQHA Hall of Fame
NCHA Hall of FameSire of: 4 NCHA Hall of Fame,
NCHA COA LTE: $577,652         2 AQHA Ch., 29 SUPs,  123 ROMs,
1st NCHA Triple Crown Winner   14 W. Ch., 10 Res. W. Ch.,
Sire of: 30 SUPs, 157 ROMs,        NRHA Offspring LTE: $322,414
19 W. Ch.,  15 Res. W. Ch.,         NCHA Offspring LTE:  $14,882,085
1 NRHA Hall of Fame        NRCHA Offspring LTE: $68,196
NRHA Offspring LTE: $622,576  APHA: 5 SUPs, 18 ROMs,
NRCHA Offspring LTE $622,576 3 W. Ch.,
NCHA Offspring LTE: $26,565,935        Amateur: 2 ROMs,
Q2893328 SORREL 1990   2 W. & 5 Res. W. Ch. Cutting       Q0439891 SORREL
H-0 P-5.5     Amateur: 1 ROM      H-0  P-9  NCHA LTE: $516
NCHA COA, Bronze LTE: $47,265 #2 All-Time Leading Cutting SireDam of: 1st NCHA Triple Crown Winner,
Sire of: 2 SUPs, 31 ROMs   NRHA Offspring LTE: $7,163
1 W. Ch., & 1 W. Championship  NCHA Offspring LTE:  $1,156,216
3 Res. W. Ch., & 2 Res. W. Championships       FRECKLES PLAYBOY
Amateur: 23 ROMs  Q0911588 SORREL
1 W. Ch., & 1 W. Championship  H-0 P-25
4 Res. W. Ch., & 1 Res. W. Championships       World Champion, '77 O Jr. CUT
1 High Point Wins    NCHA Futurity, '76 2nd O Futurity
Youth: 2 W. Ch., & 2 W. ChampionshipsNCHA Finals, '78 2nd O Finals
AQHA Offspring LTE: $53,225    NCHA Derby, '77 3rd O Derby
NRHA Offspring LTE: $30,730    Top Ten World Show, '78 3rd O Sr. CUT
NCHA Offspring LTE: $6,300,893NCHA  COA, Bronze, Silver LTE: $59,976
NRCHA Offspring LTE: $48,787  NRHA LTE $39
USTenA Offspring LTE $4,675    Sire of: 42 SUP, 152 ROMs,
ARHA Offspring LTE $280         15 W. Ch.,  15 Res. W. Ch.,
       2 NCHA Hall of Fame,
AQHA Offspring LTE $146,513
NRHA Offspring LTE $120,060
NRCHA Offspring LTE $$264,012
NCHA Offspring LTE $$23,792,598
USTenA Offspring LTE $44,365
APHA: P Points Earner
FRECKLES PLAYMATE  Amateur: P Points Earner
Q1611177 SORREL  #3 All-Time Leading Cutting Sire
H-0 P-3  NCHA COA LTE: $15,654         NIP NAP
Dam of: NCHA Offspring LTE $130,604 Q0331080 SORREL
NRCHA Offspring LTE: $740     Unshown
MBR SMART PLAYMATEDam of: Race Offspring LTE: $1,373
00618205 RED ROAN SOLID 2000 NCHA Offspring LTE: $82,720
H-1 P-0
Offspring unshown to dateTHE DOUBLE BANDIT
R CHARLIES ANGEL      00093033 BROWN O 1983  Unshown
00152272 RED ROAN O 1988        Unshown      VICTOR ROPER
Unshown      Sire of: H & P Points Earners       Q0809652 SORREL
Dam of: 4 SUPs, 6 ROMs  Unshown
3 W. Ch.  & 2 Res. W. Ch. CHUNKYS BALDY JOE
2009 APHA World 3yr Old Open Reining Challenge; 3rd       Q1309736 RED ROAN
Amateur: 1 SUP, 1 ROMs  Unshown
1 W. Ch.      Sire of: APHA: 1 ROM
1999 SWRCH Maturity Open; 3rdAmateur: 1 ROM
2000 World’s Greatest Horseman RCH; Finalist Youth: 1 W. Ch. Cutting
Ardmore Charity Cow Horse Classic Open Res. Ch.      SPOTTED LEO'S SQUAW
2003 NCHA Western Nationals $10K Amateur; Finalist 00005370 RED ROAN O 1965
NRHA & NRCHA Offspring LTE: $21,748   GAYES PINK LADY   Youth: H-0 P-2
NCHA Offspring LTE: $24,82000052048 RED ROAN O 1980  Dam of: 1 SUP, 1 ROM
     Unshown & Offspring unshown       1 Nat. Ch. Cutting
Amateur: 1 Nat. Ch. Cutting
Race Offspring LTE $110
NCHA Offspring LTE: $22,578

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