DAR KICK N GLORAWHIDE Pedigree and Pictures.
01076665 DUN SOLID 2017
Sire Side of Pedigree JEWEL'S LEO BARS
Q2609977 CHESTNUT 1987AQHA Hall Of Fame        Sire of: 9 SUP, 21 ROMs
H-.5 P-13.5  ROM Reining  NCHA LTE: $46,305         2 W. Ch.,  1 Res. W. Ch.,
W. Ch. Jr Reining   1976 NCHA Futurity Ch.   2 NCHA Hall of Fame, & 1 AQHA Hall of Fame
Reno 4yr Futurity Open Res. Ch.  Sire of: 9 SUPs, 54 ROMs  NCHA Offspring LTE $376,649
SWRHA Open Futurity; 4th         1 W. Ch., & 1 W. Championships CHRISTY JAY
Sire of: 1 SUP, & 2 ROMs  1 Res. W. Ch., & 1 Res. W. Champships Q0473601 SORREL 1967
Amateur: 2 ROMs    Amateur: 9 ROMs   H-3 P-2 NCHA LTE: $569
Youth: 1 ROM        Youth: 3 ROMs        Dam of: 1 SUP, & 2 ROMs,
1 High Point Winner         1 Res. W. Ch., & 1 Res. W. Champships  1 W. Ch. Jr Reining
APHA: 1 SUP & 2 ROMs   1 High Point Win    NRHA Offspring LTE: $23,930
Amateur: P Points Earners AQHA Offspring LTE $50,485    NCHA Offspring LTE $233,944
AQHA Offspring LTE: $4,638     NRHA Offspring LTE $119,588    NRCHA Offspring LTE: $11,000
NSBA Offspring LTE: $1,582       NCHA Offspring LTE $7,661,9921 AQHA Hall Of Fame
NRHA Offspring LTE: $91,468    NRCHA Offspring LTE $ 226,8931976 NCHA Futurity Champion
NRCHA Offspring LTE: $20,361  NRHA Open Res. Ch.
RHAA Offspring LTE: $1,012      NRHA Open Futurity; 3rd
1995 NRHA Open & Ltd. Open Futurity Finalist         MR GOLD 95 by HOLLYWOOD GOLD
1996 NRHA Ltd. Open Derby Res. Ch.            Q0070841 SORREL
1996 NRCHA W. Ch. Non Pro    ANGELS ROSIE    H-0 P-168  SUP Cutting
1997 NRHA Ltd. Open Derby Finalist   Q1612404 SORREL   NCHA COA, Bronze, Silver LTE: $31,378
1998 NRHA Ltd. Non Pro Futurity Ch.  Unshown        NCHA Open Finals; 2nd & 2X 4th
2000 NRHA Inter. Open W. Ch.   Dam of: 1 SUP, & 2 ROMs,NCHA W. Ch.; 3rd
SOLANOS KICKER        1 W. Ch. Jr Reining Sire of: 2 SUPs, 7 ROMs
00304778 SORREL OVERO 1995  AQHA Offspring LTE: $8,065    NRHA Offspring LTE: $85,368
H-0 P-12  Points in Reinig & WCH       NCHA Offspring LTE $68,709    
Amateur: H-0 P-8 Points Reinig & WCH NRCHA Offspring LTE: $1,442             BILL'S SHU BABY by CUTTER BILL
APHA 3yr Old Reining Challenge; Top 5WEG USA Team Gold Ch.; Inwhizable   Q0388544 PALOMINO
2005: GC, TP, & TSCC Sr. WCH Ch.    Unshown & Offspring unshown
2005: TPHC Stakes Race Ch.
2005: TPHC Poles & Stakes Race Ch.               DOC BAR
2005: TPHC Amateur Sr. Reining Res. Ch.       Q0076136 CHESTNUT
2005: Zone-O-Rama Catagory High Pt     DOC'S SOLANO     H-36  P-0
PtHA World WCH; Top 10Q0767739 SORREL 1971    AQHA Hall Of Fame
NRHA LTE: $508   H-18 P-48 AQHA Ch.       Sire of: 31 AQHA Ch.,
Sire of: APHA: 2 ROMs    NCHA COA LTE: $1,174    39 SUPs, 132 ROMs,
Youth: 2 ROMs     FULL brother to 2 NCHA Hall of Fame  2 W. Ch.,  4 Res. W. Ch.,
SOLANOS SUNSHINE   Sire of: 1 AQHA Ch.         8 NCHA, 1 AQHA, 1 NRCH Hall of Fame
Q1395464 SORREL 1978   1 AQHA Performance Ch.            Race Offspring LTE $1,098
Full Sister NCHA LTE: $4,970     9 SUPs, & 60 ROMs           NCHA Offspring LTE $3,213,453
Dam of: P Points Earners   2 W. Ch., & 4 Res. W.        SUSIE'S BAY
2 NRHA Non-Pro Futurity Ch.      AQHA Offspring LTE $13,577     Q0050162 BAY
NRHA Non-Pro Super Stakes Ch.  NRHA Offspring LTE $147,819    Dam of: 2 AQHA Ch.,
NRHA Non-Pro Derby Res. Ch.     NCHA Offspring LTE $3,200,378 2 SUPs, 11 ROMs,
NRHA Open Super Stakes; 3rd     NRCHA Offspring LTE $8,811     4 W. Ch.,
Lazy E Classic 4/5 Non-Pro Ch.    NSBA Offspring LTE $338 2 NCHA Hall of Fame
Lazy E Classic 4/5 Ltd Open; 3rd         PRETTY BUCK
Lazy E Classic 4/5 Open; Finalist           Q0002103 BROWN
NRHA Non-Pro Top Ten; 3rd        H-4 P-0
Farnam Non-Pro Futurity; 3rd      Sire of: 9 AQHA Ch.
NRHA Offspring LTE $66,674     NANCY BUCK       6 SUPs, 30 ROMs
Q0116079 CHESTNUT      1 NCHA Hall of Fame,
Unshown      NCHA Offspring LTE:$56,318,
Dam of: 1 ROM       DARK PEARL
Race Offspring LTE: $60   T0004834 CHESTNUT
NCHA Offspring LTE $4,970       Dam of: 3 ROMs
Race Offspring LTE: $3,645
TB Offspring Race LTE: $10,420

Dam Side of Pedigree         DUNIT RAWHIDE by HOLLYWOOD DUN IT NRHA Hall of Fame
Q3085276 DUN
H-0  P-9.5
NRHA LTE: $78,705
RAWHIDES SLVR BULLET      NRHA Ltd Open Futurity; split 3rd,
Q3993918 GRULLO NRHA Super Stakes Open Ch.
H-20 P-304.5  AQHA Ch.,  Sire of: 1 W. Ch.,
ROM H & SUP Reining     11 SUPs, 21 ROMs,
AQHA IF LTE: $2,185     AQHA Offspring LTE: $42,775
NRHA LTE: $9,609 NRHA Offspring LTE: $290,306
#1 AQHA ALL-Time Open Reining Points EarnerABR H & P Points Earners
Sire of: 1 SUP, 1 ROM Reining    GOLD JACKS LADY by ZAN GOLD JACK
AQHA Offspring LTE: $2,313     Q3003072 SORREL
DAR TWO EYED RAWHIDE      NRHA Offspring LTE: $2,523     H-0  P-.5
968623 GRULLO O  APHA: H Points Earners    Dam of: 1 SUP, & 3 ROMs
H-3 P-0       AQHA Offspring LTE: $2,185
Deceased before performance carrier started      NRHA Offspring LTE: $9,609
Sire of: H Points Earners   JACK'S MY DADDY by TWO EYED JACK AQHA Hall of Fame
2 Res. Grand Ch. SPB mares       00045835 SORREL S
MITTEN      H-1 P-0
00205848 BLACK OSire of: Reining Points Earners
Unshown due to injury as a foal  NIFTY ROSIE by NIFTY WIN
1/2 Sister to Reining Points Earner         00142841 BAY S
Dam of: H Points Earner   Unshown due to being SPB
Full Sister to H Points Earner

Q0556944 BLACK
H-16 P-30 AQHA Ch.
DAR NO MORE BULLETS        Sire of: 5 AQHA Ch.,
1,025,763 GRULLO S         20 SUPs,  77 ROMs
H-1 P-0        1 W. Ch. & 1 Res. W. Ch.
Res. Grand Ch. SPB Mare NRHA Offspring LTE: $204,580
NCHA Offspring LTE: $7,268
ALEDO BAR GLO 1984   1 SUP, & 3 ROMs
Q2226600 BROWN  1 W. Ch.
Sire of: AQHA P Points Earner    1 W. Ch.
IBHA H-106 P-0      Youth: 4 ROMs
Unshown& offspring unshown
Q0178246 SORREL
H-217 P-65.5
AQHA Hall of Fame
TWO EYED JACKIE GLO 1995 SUP  H & ROM Performance
Q3384953 BLACK   Sire of: 119 AQHA Ch.,
Dam of: H Point Earner     14 W. Ch. & 15  W. Championships
Res. Grand Ch. SPB Mare 6 Res. W. Ch. & 6 Res. W. Championships
7 High Point Wins
Amateur: 1 SUP, 6 ROMs,
Youth: 30 AQHA Ch.,
32 SUPs, 66 ROMs,
3 Supreme Ch.,
8 W. Ch. & 7  W. Championships
4 Res. W. Ch. & 4 Res. W. Championships
6 High Point Wins
MISTY MISS JACK 1974 AQHA $ Earnings: $2,338
Q1051345 BAY        NCHA Offspring LTE: $1,335
Unshown & Offspring unshown  STAR SUPER by SUPER CHARGE
Unshown & Offspring unshown

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