Stallions at Draggin Ass Ranch
DAR JACKS BELLA KING 1994 Bay Overo Reg. No. 578,758   Deceased
Bella was mild mannered stud who stood 15.1hh and weighed about 1250lbs.
If you look at his pedigree he has great AQHA & APHA breeding.  His foals have great color, conformation, muscling, and temperament.  His full brother has points in reining. But the icing on the cake with Bella King is that he put the legendary Two Eyed Jack and Kingfisher right on all his foals papers not in their extended pedigrees. 
He put us in the business and is greatly missed. 
All of our stallions will used on our mares and standing at stud near Carrington, North Dakota.   
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If you have any questions about any of the horses contact 
Ezra Aberle at 701-650-8881.
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WHITE KNIGHT ASHWOOD 1999 Cremello Dun Overo  Reg. No. 498,572 
Ashwood is an elegant 15.2hh and weighs about 1200lbs.
Stud fee: $300, $50 nonrefundable booking fee included. 
NEW! He's tested N/N for HERDA, HYPP, PSSM, & MH!
Sire of Open APHA Halter Point Earner. 
Open show Halter & Performance Winners, 
NBHA & Roping $ earners, &
Superb Trail and Ranch Horses
Tested Homozygous for the Creme gene Cr/Cr and OLWS N/O
Ashwood also carries the Dun gene.   
LFG  Recent negative Coggins test required.  Mare care/day $3 dry-$ 5 wet.
He is the mildest mannered stallion you will ever find. He has a very refined head and is very classy looking. He has a bald face, two white socks, two large spots on the left side of his neck and body, and several small spots on his right side of his neck and body.  
For more info, call me at 701-650-8881 (cell) or email me.
Since Ashwood also carries the dun gene so the color possibilities are extraordinary.   All foals are guaranteed to get one copy of the creme gene and half will also receive the dun gene.  So half of his foals will be palomino, buckskin, or black, and the half that get the dun gene as well will be dunalino, dunskin, or grulla.  If the mare is gray the foal could turn gray as well.
MR ASHWOOD TWIST 1986 Black AQHA Reg. No. 2,500,528   Deceased 
Twist was a stylish grand old stud that was 15hh and weighed about 1150lbs.  He has sired great halter and performance point earning foals all over the upper great plains  His foals wonderful conformation, great muscling, and a superb temperament.  Many are children's 4-H and open show horses.
He was a true solid black horse with no white hairs on him anywhere.
He left us some great fillies to improve our broodmare band.  2008 was his last foal crop.  He is also greatly missed. 
This photo was taken 1/28/2005 
when he was nearly 19 years old.
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DAR TWO EYED RAWHIDE  2009 Grullo Overo Reg. No. 968,623 Deceased
It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you all  Rawhide has gone to the big pasture in the sky. I would like to thank you all for all the compliments, support, and advice you have given me with regard to his conformation, breeding, and my hopes, dreams, and plans I had for him. He was MY horse and I was HIS person and he will be deeply missed. I especially want to thank those that inquired and bred their mares to Rawhide. Here's to healthy colored foals for everyone in 2013.
Rawhide is mild mannered stud who should mature between 
15-15.1hh and weigh about 1150lbs. Currently 15hh!
If you look at his pedigree he is 15/16 superb AQHA breeding.  He is very well balanced with great color, conformation, muscling, and temperament.   How many, homozygous black, grullo overos have Dunit Rawhide, Hollywood Dun It, Rawhides Slvr Bullet, Zan Gold Jack, and the legendary Two Eyed Jack on their papers not in their extended pedigrees?

He currently has 3 APHA points from the two shows he attended in 2010. 
Tested Homozygous for the Black gene E/E and N/N for HERDA, GBED & PSSM and is OLWS N/O.
Booked FULL for the 2012 Season! Thank you to everyone that inquired about and especially to those that bred to "Rawhide" in 2012.  
Here's to healthy, colored foals, for everyone in 2013.  Again, Thank you!
NEW! He's now the producer of multiple Open APHA Halter Point Earners!
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PRECISION MAC 1985 BLACK Reg. No.  Q2,345,488   Deceased 
Mac is an own son of AQHA Champion, Boston Mac! 
He is very gentle, and has been a ranch horse sire for many years. 
The first 3 pictures are at age 23. He sires lots of ability and good looks! He is very gentle with the mares and has been really easy to handle. He has a very powerful, well shaped hind leg, nice long shoulder and moves as smooth as silk.
Picture taken at 23 years young!
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Foaled 5/24/15.
Palamino sabino colt.
5 Panel N/N!
1/2 Brother to APHA Open H Point Earner!
NRHA $ Earners
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